Diana Rikasari known as Die from poop-art is absolutely my inspiration. First time I saw her gallery on deviantart, I was astonished by her style of arts and fashion taste, who wouldn’t be?? ^_^….
I first knew her from my friend Dian that has the same university as she was, My friend asked me to check her Poop-art gallery in deviantart, … And just at a second glance my heart goes to her magical gallery.. ^_^
Though there are so many great-great people in deviantart, her gallery really represented me..Hehehe.. love the colours.. And the most outstanding thing is she’s so well-known in this virtual world, and I am very proud of being the same nation as she is. You Rawwkkssss Die.. \m/ keep yer imagination lively..


P.s : I made kind a little interview through e-mail with Die, I asked her 3 following questions with the answers..

halu2…nih jawabankuuu…

1. I want to know what is actually behind yer motto “putting a smile on everyone’s faces”,apa landasan dicetuskanya motto itu? hehehe
I’m basically a happy person, and I like to smile despite all the problems I have. And so I thought, woudn’t it be nice to see other people smile as well? Happiness spreads, and I intend to be a contributor to the happy world we all desire..:)

2. I’ve noticed one of your category “Should i be proud”, why u named it like that?! isn’t that u supposed to be proud?!.. ^_^
I named the category like that cuz it consists all the things that feature/use my artworks, in a nice way or a bad way. So when it features me in a good way, “Should I be proud?”, the answer would be HELL YEAH :D. But if someone uses my artwork without my knowledge/permission (read:STEAL), then “Should I be proud?”, NO NO NO, but a wee bit proud cuz it means they liked my artwork. heheheh.

3. You are ……. blessed.

p.s : thumbnails by poop-art


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