Dalton Tanonaka

Had a little interview through email with Mr. Dalton Tanonaka, Metro TV News Anchor.. Click HERE to know more about him.. ^^

Hello Hanny:

I’m very happy to respond to your questions. Thank you for reading the Weekender and my column.

Best regards,


1. What is the hardest thing to be keep in your business world that related to personality, your true personality? ^^
-To always keep a positive attitude when confronted by indifference and incompetence.  I believe in the looking for the good in people and situations.

2. People generally dream about their success or whatsoever that they will have or get in the future.. So, do you still dreaming and have a dream? ^^
-I dream about having a new family and raising children here in Indonesia , and teaching them to always help people.

3. I really really love your editor greeting about you, telling your daughter about your feeling, maybe it was on September or October if i am not mistaken.. I’m so impressed by your open heart to us, readers.. and it really touch my heart.. Mr.Tanonaka would you mind answer my question below..
My daughter is….. a sweet girl who is growing up nicely despite having a father living far away.


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